Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review of The Vampire Diaries Television Series 2009

And what, monks, is Right Action? Refraining from taking life, refraining from taking what is not given, refraining from sexual misconduct. This is called Right Action.
- The Buddha

This review is based on the first three shows of the season.

Although it is difficult to come up with new angles on vampire mythology, this series doesn’t even try. It is unfair to compare it to the groundbreaking movies like Blade, Interview with a Vampire, and so on, it is fair to compare it to other vampire television series such as Forever Knight (1989-1996), Buffy (1997-2003), and Angel (1999-2004). In doing so, The Vampire Diaries comes up short on intelligent writing, depth of character, innovation, wit, complexity of plot, and surprise but heavy on clich├ęs, overt sexual flirtation, and jump-out-at-you moments. Diaries is a third-rate horror/melodrama.

My biggest objection to this series is that it takes place in a high school when it should at least be a college. Casual rampant sex, pervasive alcohol consumption, violence, and drug abuse are constantly in the forefront. There is very little ethical behaviour and most of that is trite and formulaic. This is not the kind of show I would want my teenager to watch steadily. Studies have shown that girls who watch television shows regularly with sexually active young people have twice the rate of teenage pregnancy.

In the first three episodes, I saw no redeeming value in this series. It seems an unimaginative attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Twilight Series.

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