Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Switch Manuscript

I was getting rather anxious that Trade Winds Books had not responded to my historical novel outline. In April, the publisher called me and we discussed a novel manuscript based on a short story entitled Switch I had sent. It is set in the second half of the 1500s so it requires a great deal of research. I spent the next four and a half months researching enough to compose an outline and emailed it away.

Tick, tick, tick.

No answer.

Weeks past.

By the time I had finished writing the third chapter, I realized he may no longer be interested. If so, then I was probably going to change the focus of the YA novel to romance and submit it to Noble Romance (who are publishing Dawn's End for me).

So, I sent another email to Trade Winds Books and asked if they were still interested or should I look elsewhere. The response was . . . . he didn't receive my outline. Ah, technology.

So, resubmitted the outline with the first chapter (I should have proofed that better I later realized). He is going to get back to me in two or three weeks.

Since I don't know if I'll be writing this as a historical YA or a history romance YA, I've set it aside for a while.

Last night, after a writer's workshop given by NOWW, my brain kicked in and I've started brainstorming for a brand new YA romance, with a bit of controversy. We'll see where that one goes.

I think I've found my niche! :-)

Dawn's End - cover

The cover for Dawn's End is finished. C.H. Scarlett did a fabulous job, better than I imagined. The cool thing is, she added in the birds and the lights on her own, not having read the book, but they fit the story perfectly. I love the heroine. I love that Casey respected my wish not to illustrate the hero. I love it all! :-)

Release date is March 7, 2011.

Noble Gateway Romance is going to be an awesome series.