Sunday, December 20, 2009

Toddler Pierced with 41 Needles

When I was sixteen years old, I put my right hand down on a sewing needle I had left in the arm of the couch. It pieced my palm and the top half, with the eye, broke off inside my hand. Doctors could not remove it for several weeks because of the possibility of nerve damage. During that time, I often wrapped it in a heating pad and took aspirin to reduce the swelling and paing.

I just read the horrific story of the Brazilian step-father who pierced his two-year old step-son with forty-two needles. I had difficulty sleeping after reading that. The pain must be unimaginable. Every time the toddler moves, a needle will jab at something internal. They are throughout his body. Some cannot be removed as they are in or near vital organs. This child is doomed to a life of eternal pain and limitation, if he survives. I feel ill as I write this.

In one article the horror was inflicted on this toddler in black magic rituals. In another it says, Police say the boy's stepfather confessed he pushed 42 supposedly "blessed" sewing needles deep into the child because his lover told him to while in trances. He says the rituals were performed over a period of a month to try to keep the couple together.

This is an extreme example of what people can be led to do when they in "powers" beyond themselves that will grant them prayers or wishes of favours. Whether it is white magic, black magic, religious pentitionary prayer, laying of hands, or rituals to favour a god, it opens people to this kind of dangerous thinking.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Buddhist Joke - curtains

Why didn't the Buddhist vacuum the curtains?

Because she had no attachments.