Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review The Proposal (2009)

Imagine walking along a sidewalk with your arms full of groceries, and someone roughly bumps into you so that you fall and your groceries are strewn over the ground. As you rise up from the puddle of broken eggs and tomato juice, you are ready to shout out, “You idiot! What’s wrong with you? Are you blind?” But just before you catch your breath to speak, you see that the person who bumped you is actually blind. He, too, is sprawled in the spilled groceries, and your anger vanishes in an instant, to be replaced by sympathetic concern: “Are you hurt? Can I help you up?”

Our situation is like that. When we clearly realize that the source of disharmony and misery in the world is ignorance, we can open the door of wisdom and compassion. Then we are in a position to heal ourselves and others.

- B. Alan Wallace, Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) coerces her assistant Andrew Paxton ( Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her so that she will not be deported to Canada. After fifteen minutes, the audience can easily predict how the plot will unfold. The comedic moments (most of which were revealled in the trailer, are often awkward and lame. The only impressive part is Sandra Bullock’s physical shape. It is a waste of her talent.

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