Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review of Yes Man (2008)

"The Tathagatha avoids the two extremes and talks about the Middle Path. What this is, that is; this arises, that arises. Through ignorance volitional actions or karmic formations are conditioned.
(Samyuktagama, Chapter 12)

Jim Carrey portrays Carl Allen, a man whose life has stagnated sinking him into depression and withdrawal. His friend, Peter, convinces him to attend a “Yes” conference. Because of his resistance to the concept of saying yes to opportunity, the Yes Leader Terrance Bundley targets him and convinces him to agree to a covenant of saying “Yes” to everything. This leads him to both negative and positive experiences, sometimes at the same time. He also develops new relationships, one with a fascinating, spontaneous woman. Carl learns to live in the moment, but things become extreme.

Carl is a man who would benefit from the Middle Way. At first he is overly withdrawn and despondent, not even attending his friend’s engagement party. After the Yes conference, he acts without thought, his behaviour is indulgent and reckless. It is only when he finds the middle path that Carl is able to find true happiness.

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