Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review of Avatar (2009)

There may be a conspiracy against a good king who is ruling his country according to right teaching, or perhaps foreign enemies may raid the country. In such a case the king should make three decisions.

He should decide: “First, these conspirators or foreign enemies are threatening the good order and welfare of our country; I must protect the people and country even with armed force.

“Second, I will try to find some way of defeating them without resorting to the use of arms.

“Third, I will try to capture them alive, without killing them if possible, and disarm them.”

By adopting these three decisions the king will proceed most wisely, after setting necessary posts and giving instructions.

...When it is necessary to call upon the soldiers, they will fully understand the reason for war and its nature. Then they will go to the field of battle with courage and loyalty.... Such a war will not only bring victory but also add virtue to the country.

James Cameron is back on top with this movie. Wow, what beautiful special effects. The planet Pandora (aptly named) was stunning! It is worth watching simply for the scenery. The “People”, though, and their culture, were captivating. In this movie, the people are NOT the humans for they have lost their humanity.

The message was loud and clear, although we’ve been hearing it since “Silent Running” and still aren’t listening. (By far, this is the most destructive decade ever as evidenced by the mountains of cell phones filling landfills, the garbage choking the Pacific Ocean, polar ice caps melting, asthma and allergies skyrocketing due to the poisoning of our land, water and air, and on and on.) There’s one line in the movie that rings so true, “They killed their mother.”

The characters were three-dimensional and loveable. Sigourney Weaver is perfect as the head scientist (doesn’t that woman ever age?). Sam Worthington, as Jake Sully, makes a hero, both human and Avatar, with whom we can empathize. Zoe Saldana, as one of the blue people, seems completely real and compelling. The war scenes are frightening and distressing, especially in 3D, as we watch the greedy destroy paradise, something humanity has repeated throughout history.

Make sure you go to see it on the big screen.

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