Saturday, December 18, 2010

Move Review of Amreeka (2009)

Movie Review of Amreeka (2009)

Because of their ignorance, all people are always thinking wrong thoughts and always losing the right viewpoint and, clinging to their egos, they take wrong actions. As a result, the become attached to a delusive existence.
- The Buddha

Muna Farah (Nisreen Faour), a single mother, and her son Fadi (Malkar Muallem) are Christian Palestine refugees move to Illinois and face prejudice and persecution. Muna, with two degrees and ten years of banking experience, can only land a job in a burger joint. There are funny moments and moving moments. The movie ends on a note of hope.

This movie examines in a microcosm how war, in a far off country, can impact people’s family, relationships, and culture, in America. Well worth watching.

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