Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review of Adoration (2008)

Movie Review of Adoration (2009)

Because speech is so predominant in our lives, and because our words are so consequential, learning the art of skilful communication needs to be a significant aspect of our Dharma practice.

The Buddha emphasized the importance of this when he included right speech as a distinct part of the path to awakening. Although there is great elaboration of right speech in the texts, it all condenses into two general principals: Is it true? Is it useful?

Practicing these principles in our practice fosters increasing sensitivity. We become attuned to subtleties of truth, or exaggerate in some way? And are there times when our words may be true, but it is not the right time, place, or situation for them to be useful?
- Joseph Goldstein, Insight Meditation

Atom Egoyan uses a teenager’s dramatic method of exploring the death of his parents to open us into a wider vista in this intriguing movie. The story takes several twists before we understand what Simon is actually doing in his response to the French teacher’s assignment. It explores point of view as reality. Simon’s grandfather, his teacher, and his uncle, all have opinions about his mother’s death.

A theme running throughout is how modern technology (video camera, internet chat rooms) both connects us and extends our understanding of others and yet alienates us from the truth. The film raises several questions in response to Simon’s story. How do we know our viewpoint is correct since it is simply what we have been exposed to in our family/culture? Is killing ever justified? How do we know if someone is telling the truth? It is sure to generate discussion.

I have no idea why the movie was titled Adoration. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

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