Saturday, December 18, 2010

Move Review of Inkheart (2008)

It is the everlasting and unchanging rule of this world that everything is created by a series of causes and conditions and everything disappears by the same rule; everything changes, nothing remains constant.

Brendan Fraser is the hero, “Silvertongue” Mo Folchart, who can bring story characters to life by reading aloud. Inadvertently, he sends his wife Resa, played by Sienna Guillory, into the book “Inkheart” and brings out several evil characters, such as Capricorn, played by Andy Serkis. Mo, with his daughter, Meggis Folchart, played by Eliza Bennett, constantly move in an effort to avoid capture by Capricorn, who wants Silvertongue Mo, to read out more evil from the book.
Mo is also trying to find another copy of “Inkheart”, hoping to read his wife out and the bad characters back. The logistics of how this works is confusing but, otherwise, the plot is quite simple. Characterization takes a back seat to chase and capture scenes early in the movie. Some scenes are very intense and not suitable for young children. The movie clunks along. There are some moments of courage and sacrifice which lift it from a D movie to a C.

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